The Connection Between People and Pearls

How to Choose the Right Hammock

Hammocks are one of the best parts of summer – there are few things better in life than lying in the shade as you feel the hammock softly sway beneath you. However, not all hammocks are created equal and you may feel tempted to buy the first or cheapest one you come across. Instead of […]

Four Things You Can Do To Improve The Performance Of Your IT Infrastructure

Your IT infrastructure can support many different aspects of your business such as phone systems, surveillance and servers with business applications. Many things can slow down the performance of the network and add costs, such as insufficient power and outdated cabling. If you want to improve the performance of your business’s IT infrastructure, here are […]

Floral Design Ideas For Winter Weddings

While June and September seem to be the most popular months to get married, there are still many couples that plan winter weddings. One of the benefits of getting married in the winter is the unique color schemes, designs, and flowers you can choose for your wedding. If you are currently in the process of […]